Affili Weapon Review – Big Scam or Legit Free Traffic Source?


I have reviewed 200+ make money online products from the WarriorPlus platform and I have reviewed 20+ products of Jason Fulton (yes, 23 reviews on Jason products). I strongly believe via this Affili Weapon Review, I can provide an in-depth walk-through on this product and I can save your time, trouble & money.

I don’t prefer to say or call the reviews I write honest and unbiased reviews. As you know the basic qualification of any review is honesty and it must be unbiased.

Unfortunately, nowadays many reviews are written just to promote the product they review.

While doing my research on Affili Weapon, I noticed many reviews are offering bonuses and giving a final verdict of “Highly Recommended”. But the truth and reality are totally different.

So I don’t have a choice and to differentiate from those reviews I need to inform you this is an unbiased and honest review.

I am not going to offer any bonuses to purchase Affili Weapon through my link (I don’t have any referral links to Affili Weapon).

I am not promoting Affili Weapon, all I am trying to do is provide an honest review on this product that will end your search and help you in your decision-making.

Let’s get ourselves rolling…

What Is Affili Weapon?   |   Who Is Behind Affili Weapon?   |   How Does Affili Weapon Work?   |   An Inside Look   |   Who Is Affili Weapon For?   |   How Much Does It Cost To Join?   |   The Upsells   |   Is It Worth It?   |   Can You Make Money?   |   Pros   |   Cons   |   Is Affili Weapon a Scam?   |   Final Thoughts   |   A Legitimate Alternative

What Is Affili Weapon?

The creators claim Affili Weapon to be…

  • Brand New Commission-Getting Weapon To Drive FREE Traffic To ‘Done For You’
  • Affiliate Offers In Just 3 Simple Steps.
  • An easy online method that makes you 3 figures per day
  • Secret Affiliate Weapon Makes It Easy To Bank 3 Figure Commissions Every Single Day
  • Push-button software drives free traffic to “Done For You” offers in 60 seconds with just a few clicks.
  • Make money as soon as today!
  • Easy-to-use software tool
  • So easy a 10-year-old could do what we do

And the list goes on…

Affili Weapon Website ScreenshotAffili Weapon was launched on the 6th of October 2020 by Jason Fulton & his partner Seun Ogundele. Jason partnered with Brendan Mace & Mosh Bari in the past.

As of this writing, they have made 2000+ sales (Affili Weapon) with a refund rate of 9% in WarriorPlus.

So what is Affili Weapon?

Affili Weapon is a cloud-based software that comes with done-for-you sites (5 sites) or pre-selling pages. All you need to do is…

Choose the site you wish among the 5 sites and insert your affiliate link and promote it. Sounds simple and easy?

There are 6 products for you to promote with freebies. You know what, the products you are going to promote are the products created by Jason. So you are going to join as an affiliate to his products and promote it.

To be honest, nothing impressed or inspired me about Affili Weapon. Please keep reading to find out why I am saying that.

Who Is Behind Affili Weapon?

Jason Fulton & Seun Ogundele are internet marketers and product creators.

Affili Weapon Founders

Jason has launched many products on the make money online niche at regular intervals. Below you can find some of the products launched by Jason.

JackedATM, Kash Kow, ProfiTORIAL, uProfito, Preequell, Profit-Tearz, Loop-It, Fusion, Limitless, Profit Whirlwind, 3 Step Profit Machines, Quick Fire Commissions, Payday Tornado, Commission Siphon Funnel, etc.

Hint – You are going to promote some of the products listed above with freebies.

How Does Affili Weapon Work?

They claim that it just takes the below 3 steps to make money with Affili Weapon…

  • Step #1 – Login To The Affili Weapon Cloud-Based App
  • Step #2 – Choose One Of The ‘Done For You’ PROVEN-To-Make-Money Offers (There Are 5 Included)
  • Step #3 – Activate Your FREE Traffic Right Inside The App And Make Money Within Hours

All you need to do is choose any one of the DFY sites (5 DFY systems included) and add your affiliate link and activate the free traffic inside the software. You will be promoting Jason’s products from WarriorPlus.

Once you have chosen the site and inserted your affiliate link the next step is to promote your site. They promised that you have an in-built traffic system.

I was interested to see what’s going to be the traffic system they are going to use, again it’s a disappointment.

Driving traffic is the key to success and that’s the very important part of your online business or offline business.

They are using a platform called TrafficEzy and it’s a traffic exchange site. You need to view other people’s sites in that exchange and you will earn points for viewing ads.

Then you can utilize those points to drive traffic to your site. This is not going to work (more on this later).

An Inside Look At Affili Weapon…

Here is what you will see inside the Affili Weapon dashboard…



  • Step By Step Tutorial On How To Use Affili Weapon
  • How To Get Traffic To Your Affili Weapon Sites
  • Upgrade Training – Secret Commission Sites
  • Upgrade Training – DFY Affiliate Profitz Site
  • Upgrade Training – AutoProfit Boosterz



  1. Offer – Preequell
    Freebie – Uprofit
  2. Offer – Uprofito
    Freebie – Fast Cash System
  3. Offer – JackedATM
    Freebie – Commission Siphon
  4. Offer – Affili Weapon
    Freebie – Fusion
  5. Offer – Kashkow
    Freebie – 3 Step Profit Machine Download
  6. Offer – Profitorial
    Freebie – Snowball System


  • Dashboard
  • Websites
  • Buy
  • Wallet
  • Referrals
  • Settings

Do you remember on their sales page, they mentioned that “you also get world-class training”?

The training is all about how to use the Affili Weapon and the second video is about using the traffic exchange that’s it. The rest of the 3 videos provides training for the upsells.

Is this what you call world-class training?

All the six products you are going to promote are Jason’s old products. When those products were launched they claimed…

Never Seen Before Solution – For ProfiTORIAL (not an error that’s how they call/name it) product”, “You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before – For Preequell product” etc. Always full of hype and unrealistic claims?

Who Is Affili Weapon For?

In my opinion, Affili Weapon is good for no one. The people who will benefit from Affili Weapon are the product creators and the people who promote it, not the buyers.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Affili Weapon?

It will cost you $19 to buy the front-end product and after that, there are 6 upsells.

If you exit their sales page without buying the front-end product they will offer a discount of $5. So the Affili Weapon Discounted price is $14.97.

Affili Weapon Upsells

There are 6 upsells with Affili Weapon. Even before reaching your member dashboard, you will be insisted to buy these upsells.

  • Front-End – Affili Weapon – $19.00
    • Front-End Downsell – Affili Weapon Discount – $14.97
  • Upsell 1 – Affili Weapon ‘Secret’ Commission Sites – $47.00
    • Downsell 1 – Affili Weapon ‘Secret’ Commission Sites – $27.00
  • Upsell 2 – Affili Weapon Advanced 500x Edition – $47.00
    • Downsell 2 – Affili Weapon Advanced 500x Edition – $27.00
  • Upsell 3 – Affili Weapon DFY Affiliate Profits – $197.00
    • Downsell 3 – Affili Weapon DFY Affiliate Profits – $127.00
  • Upsell 4 – Affili Weapon Auto Profits Boosterz – $77.00
    • Downsell 4 – Affili Weapon Auto Profits Boosterz – $47.00
  • Upsell 5 – Affili Weapon AutoPilot Edition – $67.00
    • Downsell 5 – Affili Weapon AutoPilot Edition – $37.00
  • Upsell 6 – Affili Weapon License Rights – $147.00
    • Downsell 6 – Affili Weapon License Rights – $97.00

Apart from the front-end product, there are just 6 upsells (lol). If you are looking to get the full value you need to buy their upsells.

Even if you buy all their upsells I don’t think you will get the promised results (3 figures per day).

  • Upsells Total Cost – $601 (including the front-end product)
  • Downsells Total Cost – $376.97 (including the front-end downsell product)

Often the front-end product acts as a gateway to the upsells. You can see how expensive it will turn out if you just pay the downsell price for all the products still it will cost you $376.97.

Is Affili Weapon Worth The Price?

No, I don’t think so. Once you buy the front-end product they are going to bombard you with upsell after upsell. If you buy all their upsells also I don’t think this product is going to deliver the promised result.

Can You Make Money With Affili Weapon? 

Very rare – Using their traffic exchange method you might make money once in a blue moon.


  • 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I always see the good and the bad on all the products. With Affili Weapon the only good thing I noticed is the 100-day money-back guarantee.

However, while doing my research online, I do found a few complaints stating they are not able to get the refund from Jason’s previous products. I just read it online and there is no proof of that.


  • Upsells
  • Too Much Hype & Unrealistic Claims
  • Traffic Generation Method Is A Flaw


I am not a fan of upsells. Nowadays, many products use the front-end product as the gateway to getting the customers in, and once they are in they push them to buy their upsells.

Often the upsells are quite expensive. As I mentioned before if you calculate the total price it will be more expensive.

  • Upsell Total Cost – $601 (including the front-end product)
  • Downsell Total Cost – $376.97 (including the front-end downsell product)

Too Much Hype & Unrealistic Claims

I am not sure whether I need to cry or laugh at the claims made on the Affili Weapon sales page. Those claims are unrealistic with too much hype and it’s very hard for me to digest.

See some of the claims below…

  • You’ll be able to make money as soon as TODAY
  • Makes It As Easy As Clicking Your Mouse To Make Daily Commissions Online…
  • Only a few minutes per day

What do you think of the above claims? How does it sound to you?

I am sure about one thing if you are going to buy Affili Weapon based on the above claims they will disappoint you. We cannot change them but we can change our mindset.

So instead of looking for get-rich-quick programs and products that promise easy money we need to understand it will take time, effort, patience, work, and continuous learning to build an online business and to generate income from it.

Traffic Generation Method Is A Flaw

As I mentioned before, the in-built traffic method is not going to fetch you a good result. I have tried many traffic exchanges (the one I spent more time is on EasyHits4U) in the past to drive traffic to my website.

I will watch 100’s of ads to get points and exchange those points to get traffic to my site.

You know what I will get a lot of traffic to my site but no sales. I was doing the same, I will watch the ads until the counter end and then I will collect the point and watch the next ad.

I was keen on collecting my points and my intention is not to buy anything.

Like the same the people who watched my site also wanted to get their points and were not interested to buy anything.

So the point here is not to drive traffic but to drive potential traffic. With the traffic exchange sites, you can drive traffic but not potential traffic. If you are very lucky once in a blue moon you might get a sale.

Trust me you are going to waste your time and effort with these traffic exchanges. Based on my experience, the method Affili Weapon is providing to drive traffic is not going to help you.

Without driving potential traffic you are not going to get results.

Is Affili Weapon A Scam?

Technically speaking Affili Weapon is not a scam. You are going to receive the cloud-based software with 5 DFY websites and with some training on using the software.

When you buy the product and compare the product you received with the claims made on their sales page for sure it will disappoint you.

Although I don’t want to call Affili Weapon a scam, I will say Affili Weapon is a low-quality product that under-deliver.

There are so many products like Affili Weapon (the low-quality products that under-delivers) on the market and there are many on the way, yet to be launched.

I have purchased a few products from the WarriorPlus platform and I was totally upset and not happy about the quality. It’s quite opposite to what they promised on their sales page.

I just want to make sure there are some quality products and creators on the WarriorPlus platform but they are very few in numbers.

All I would say on Affili Weapon is… Don’t waste your time & money on this product.

If you wait for few more weeks again Jason will come up with another product launch saying that’s the best product to make money online.

Nothing against him and he is a product creator and launching products after products at regular intervals.

Instead of focusing on the numbers if he can focus on the value, it will be great and helpful to the people who purchase his products.

For me, Affili Weapon is a big NO-NO.

Final Thoughts

Is Affili Weapon an easy online method that makes you 3 figures per day?

No way, just stay away from this product.

This is not going to be the end of the story. If you are going to keep looking for make money online opportunities there are 100’s of products and programs claiming fast, easy, and quick money with less work.

They will also claim that… All you need to do is just spend a few minutes or just a few clicks. That’s it! You will start making money.

One of the claims of Affili Weapon is…

  • Taking shortcuts and getting results right away…

Don’t believe in these claims and waste your time & money. Please don’t look for shortcuts because there is no shortcut for success!

If you are serious and really interested to make money online the first thing you need to do is… Learn about making money online.

There are some genuine platforms where you can learn about making money online from basics in the right way (no shortcuts, no loophole methods, etc.).

Please remember, you need to go through the learning before earning!

If you are looking for guidance, I can provide information on the training platform that helped me to make money online and helped to work from home being my own boss.

Here is the better alternative method…

Free Training: Learn How You Can Launch Your Own Profitable Online Empire, Step-By-Step, Even With No Experience

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