Best Platforms to Post Affiliate Links for Free


Affiliate marketing is a popular way for individuals to earn passive income online by promoting products or services and earning a commission for each sale made through their unique affiliate link. One of the key challenges for affiliate marketers is finding effective platforms to post their affiliate links for free and reach a wider audience. In this blog post, I will explore some of the best platforms where you can post your affiliate links for free and maximize your earning potential.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms offer a great opportunity for affiliate marketers to reach a large audience and promote their affiliate links. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are popular choices for posting affiliate links. You can create engaging posts, share product recommendations, and drive traffic to your affiliate links through social media.

Blogging Platforms

Blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Medium are excellent options for posting affiliate links. You can create informative blog posts related to the products or services you are promoting and include your affiliate links within the content. By providing valuable information to your readers, you can increase the chances of them clicking on your affiliate links and making a purchase.

Online Forums and Communities

Online forums and communities are another effective way to post affiliate links for free and engage with a targeted audience. Platforms like Reddit, Quora, and niche-specific forums allow you to participate in discussions, answer questions, and subtly promote your affiliate links when relevant. Just make sure to follow the community guidelines and avoid spamming your links.


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and a powerful platform for affiliate marketing. You can create engaging video content related to the products or services you are promoting and include your affiliate links in the video description. By providing valuable and entertaining content, you can attract a loyal audience and drive traffic to your affiliate links.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a highly effective strategy for promoting affiliate links and generating sales. By building an email list of subscribers interested in your niche, you can send targeted promotions and recommendations with your affiliate links included. Make sure to provide valuable content in your emails to keep your subscribers engaged and more likely to click on your affiliate links.

Free Classified Ads Websites

Free classified ads websites like Craigslist, Gumtree, and OLX are good platforms for posting affiliate links for free. You can create compelling ad listings with catchy headlines and descriptions that entice users to click on your affiliate links. Just make sure to follow the rules and guidelines of each classified ads website to avoid any issues.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing platforms connect brands with influencers who can promote their products or services to their audience. As an affiliate marketer, you can sign up for influencer marketing platforms like AspireIQ, Upfluence, or Intellifluence to collaborate with brands and promote your affiliate links to a wider audience. This can be a great way to increase your earning potential and reach new customers.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks like ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, and ClickBank are popular platforms that connect affiliate marketers with a wide range of products and services to promote. You can sign up for free on these networks, browse through the available offers, and choose the ones that align with your niche and audience. The affiliate networks provide tracking tools and payment systems to help you optimize your affiliate marketing efforts.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are various platforms where you can post affiliate links for free and maximize your earning potential as an affiliate marketer. Whether you choose to leverage social media, blogging platforms, online forums, YouTube, email marketing, classified ads websites, influencer marketing platforms, or affiliate networks, the key is to provide valuable content and engage with your audience to drive traffic to your affiliate links. By using a combination of these platforms strategically, you can create a successful affiliate marketing strategy and generate passive income online.

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