Click Money Review – Is The Click Money System a Scam?


The Click Money System has been founded by a lady named Julia & a man named Harold & it claims it can enable you to earn money online all on complete autopilot.

Julia & Harold claim that the Click Money trading system can make guaranteed profitable trades on your behalf & that it can see you earning as much as $16 million USD per year.

They also claim that even if you have absolutely zero trading experience you can still profit from it, too.

But is the Click Money System legit?

Or is Click Money a scam that’ll just see Julia & Harold earning at your expense?

Well, you’ll be glad that you came here to this Click Money System review before you signed up because I can immediately tell you that it’s not what it seems.

What Is Click Money?   |   How Does The Click Money System Work?   |   The Red Flags   |   Is Click Money a Scam?   |   A Legitimate Alternative

What Is Click Money?

Click Money System Website ScreenshotClick Money is the name of a trading system which has allegedly been put together by 2 people known only as Julia & Harold.

Julia & Harold, from London UK, claim that their Click Money system can enable people to earn money on complete autopilot as the system makes profitable trades entirely on their behalf.

They claim that this also means you don’t even need to have any trading knowledge or experience to get started either.

It works for everybody they claim.

But more impressively than that, they also go on to claim that their Click Money system will see you earning on average $10,000 USD per day, without lifting a finger.

And they even claim that their system is 100% free.

All you need to do to get started is deposit with the broker that they recommend to you.

But wait…

If it’s legit, then why isn’t everybody using the Click Money system?

Why are people still working at jobs that they dislike for less money if they can simply just sign up to Click Money & earn $10,000 USD per day on complete autopilot?

The answer is because Click Money is a scam.

As you’ll soon see in the next section of this Click Money review, the system doesn’t really work as promised & Julia & Harold are no more than mere actors.

How Does The Click Money System Work?

Julia & Harold claim that the system has been built around a proven, winning formula & that all you need to do to begin making money is to make a deposit with the broker that they recommend.

But there are 2 very important things they fail to tell you here.

They fail to tell you that they are affiliated with the broker, and they fail to tell you that the broker that they recommend is actually an unlicensed binary options broker.

These 2 things together prove that Click Money is a scam.


Well, the fact that the creators of Click Money are affiliated with the recommended broker means that when you make a deposit, they get paid a commission.

That on its own is OK. It’s a method known as affiliate marketing & it’s how many people (including myself) earn money online.

However, it’s not OK when it’s coupled with a binary options broker.

You see, binary options brokers work differently to normal brokers. Through a binary options broker, you don’t actually invest in anything, you place bets.

You bet on whether you believe the value of something will go up or down over a set period of time (usually 60 seconds or less).

And this means that if you win, the broker has to pay you money out of their own pockets, so it’s vital to them that you LOSE money, not make it.

They only make money when you lose money, just like a normal bookmaker.

So with that in mind, ask yourself this:

Why would a binary options broker (who only makes money when you lose money), pay commissions to the people behind a system that’s guaranteed to make you win?

They wouldn’t.

The truth is that the broker & the creator of the Click Money scam are both in on cahoots on the con.

The idea is simply to make you think that you’ll be able to win to trick you into making the deposit so that the broker & the creator can earn some money at your expense.

There is absolutely no truth to what Julia & Harold say in the video.

Plus, in reality, Julia & Harold are actually just paid actors.

If Julia & Harold were real people, who had truly created a piece of software that could enable anybody to earn $10,000 USD per day with absolutely no work, I think they’d be pretty well known.

And they’re not, because they’re not real, and the system is not real.

The Red Flags

Well first, there’s the obvious one, the fact that the whole thing simply sounds WAY too good to be true.

As the good old saying goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

And in the instance of the Click Money System scam, it definitely is.

Further to that initial red flag, however, is the fact that the Click Money website displays absolutely no ownership information whatsoever, and no links to social media pages.

This means that investing money via Click Money would be as good as handing money to a stranger in the street.

And finally, there’s the fact that they are not open & upfront about exactly what you’re getting.

They don’t give you the information that explains exactly how it works. Instead, they simply pressure you into depositing money in order to find out more info.

You should never have to pay money before finding out how something works. If something asks for money before explaining how it works, it’s very likely a scam.

Is Click Money a Scam?

Without a doubt, Click Money is definitely a scam. The Click Money System is a completely fraudulent system that’s been set up to trick users so that the creators can cash in at their expense.

It’s safe to say that it should be avoided, 100%.

Instead, if you would really like to earn money online I would suggest you try out affiliate marketing instead. In my opinion, that’s the best way to earn money online.

Affiliate marketing simply involves you promoting products or services on behalf of companies like Amazon in return for commissions which are paid out on successful sales.

The best about affiliate marketing is that you can even get started with it for free, and there are places like Wealthy Affiliate where you can get everything you need to begin with it.

You can even check out my own free guide on affiliate marketing right here.

But whatever you decide to do, I simply hope that my honest Click Money review here has given you a good insight into how the Click Money scam really works & hopefully it helped you to avoid it.

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  1. Is it true?click money is a scam?i withdraw 1000 usd equavalent 10 usd paypal ..they said i’m waiting 12 hours to get received of that amount …i’m just waiting if it’s a scam or not ..

  2. I’d like to know how all these fraudulant people are getting away with it? anyone know and anyone know how to report them. Theres loads of them on you tube etc.

  3. im suprised that julia and harold havnt been caught , beaten or even killed for frauding people like that. so called harold and julia people know your faces. be careful the clock is ticking for you.

    • I would be careful leaving comments like that online because if ever something does happen to them, you could be held as a suspect & would have to provide evidence to prove that it wasn’t you.


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